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Hollywood Hindi Dubbed 210 Views
Who am I (2015) Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Watch Online HD

Who am I (2015) Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Watch Online HD

No system is safe. Sep. 25, 2014 DE. 105 Min.
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Who am I (2015)

Who am I (2015) Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Watch Online HD

Benjamin, a young German computer whiz, is invited to join a subversive hacker group that wants to be noticed on the world’s stage.

Who am I (2015) Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Watch Online HD

What a weird plan to change Jackie Chan’s Who Am I. While a win, the 1998 activity movie – which Chan co-coordinated with Benny Chan – wasn’t popular to the point that its title would turn into a brand name or rank among Chan’s most noteworthy hits, and its start of a tip top operator who loses his memory in a messed up task at that point tries to piece back what happened while battling off a high-achieving intrigue has been more than played out since, most remarkably and effectively in the Bourne films. Even all the more baffling that Song Yinxi’s Who Am I 2015, which was created by Chan himself and stars for the most part companions and protégés of his, really has almost no in the same way as the film of which it positions itself as a re-try. The fundamental character (here, Wang Haixiang) isn’t a first class operator any longer, he’s a bicycle dispatch with a propensity for outrageous games, and he’s not infringed in a tremendous intrigue but rather essentially pursued by a shady supervisor’s colleagues (Ken Lo, Zhang Lanxin and chief Song Yinxi himself) in the wake of seeing the murder of a businessperson. They outline him for the murder and he can just rely on the assistance of a high pitched wanderer (Yao Xingtong) and a puzzling ex-cop (Yu Rongguang), while experiencing not amnesia as in the first film, but rather from prosopagnosia (otherwise known as face visual impairment), an uncommon pathology that makes it hard to perceive faces, even one’s own.

With everything taken into account, Who Am I 2015 isn’t generally a lot of a change or even reboot, as it holds just the pursuit perspective and subjective hindrance of the primary film, two components that were not really new to Asian silver screen even at the time. In such manner, the title isn’t simply deceptive, it’s likewise plain doltish : the fundamental character knows his identity consistently, he just experiences serious difficulties putting a face on individuals. Over that, the face visual deficiency edge scarcely plays into the story and is drained just for a couple of powerless turns, some of which verge on dreadful, for example, when Yao Xingtong puts on hoops that had a place with Wang Haixiang’s dead sweetheart, so he trusted it’s really her, resurrected. This is played for tears and not for spine-shivering mental fear lets you know all that you have to think about how confounded this film is. Outside of that, the face visual impairment just isn’t calculated in, as though the scholars were basically excessively sluggish, making it impossible to finish on what could’ve been an intriguing plot gadget.

All that wouldn’t generally matter (without a doubt, what’s in a title ?) if the film succeeded even as essential diversion. Which it tragically doesn’t. The plot is a wreck and more regrettable, it’s unbelievably everyday, a droopy pursue through non-descript towns, based on the unappealing pair of Wang Haixiang, who as a Jackie Chan protégé most likely has ability yet tragically has no charm, and Yao Xingtong, who subsequent to irritating everybody in Chinese Zodiac goes up against another fantastically upsetting character who perpetrates tooth-decaying tackiness and ear-part quibbling every step of the way. Silliness is frequently stifled and monotonous, and the battling is extraordinarily scanty and completely unremarkable when it happens, which influences us to ponder whom this film was proposed for, and again why it wanted to put itself in the heredity of a Jackie Chan film which included a few amazing set pieces and battles. Zhang Lanxin, the promising screen warrior from Chinese Zodiac, demonstrates great nearness once more, however her smooth magnetism and magnificent kicks are obviously woefully underutilized, while Ken Lo lets his mohawk-pig tail and his repulsive coats to all the acting. The ever-magnificent Yu Rongguang flies up to give work and by chance help us to remember unendingly better movies with his guaranteed nearness.

The film recounts the account of Benjamin (Tom Schilling), who falls into a gathering of programmers who need to irritate open request.

Original title Who Am I - Kein System ist sicher
TMDb Rating 7.6 533 votes

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